How UAB’s Bill Clark made football fun again

Depending upon the source, Temple’s administration is close to naming a “permanent” athletic director to replace the apparently disinterested Fran Dunphy.

Close could mean weeks or months. Knowing Temple as I do, it probably means longer than that but there is always hope.

One of those prominently mentioned is UAB’s Mark Ingram, who was one-time associate athletic director at Temple.

The Owls could do much worse.

Mark Ingram could probably fix what ails Temple

Ingram was a frequent visitor to Lot K and ingratiated himself with many Owl fans with his personality.

The theory is that Ingram is much more suited to name a new head football coach than Dunphy should things fall off the rails as expected in 2021.

If Ingram names a head coach, it would probably be someone like Bill Clark, the 2018 college football coach of the year.

Clark has made football fun again after UAB dropped the sport for a year. The Blazers came back in 2017 and have been in three-straight Conference USA title games, winning two, including the most recent one.

Behind twitter paywalls, Mark Ingram’s name is being mentioned prominently as Temple’s next permanent AD.

If there’s anything apparent about Temple football under Rod Carey, is that it has not been fun. Temple leads the nation in portal transfers and several ex-players–Freddy Booth-Lloyd to mention one–say they’ve talked to several current members of the team and “they are not feeling Carey.”

Which is urban slang for they don’t like him.

Clark made the UAB program an immediate winner by heavily relying on JUCO transfers and, with the program established as a winner right away, used that winning to attract three top CUSA recruiting classes. On top of that, UAB is the polar opposite of Temple in the portal, able to retain most of its players.

Ingram helped Clark revive the UAB program and, by all accounts, the two are very good friends. There is another program on life support that Ingram knows well and deserves to be revived. Carey is making a base salary of $2 million. Clark is making a base salary $555,000. One of them is underpaid and one is overpaid.

Would Clark come to Temple?

Who knows but hiring Ingram would be a very good carrot and the E-O would probably be a lot more fun place to do the work necessary to get Temple back on the stick.

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36 thoughts on “How UAB’s Bill Clark made football fun again

  1. Perfect choice for AD. If things go south next season (below 6 wins) then it’s Fran Brown. We don’t need another carpetbagger from the South. Carey knows how to win in the regular season, I’m willing to wait until next season to find out. Fran Brown is worth his weight in gold!

    • I would take Al Golden over Fran. Already has proven he can be a CEO and win here. He has to want the job again, like Bill Snyder did at Kansas State the second time around.

      • Carey was a proven winner too. Heck he might even go on and win 7 games next year, if we’re looking at his track record.

        Fact is whenever our next coaching search will be (i feel like we won’t be having one for a while) I want Fran Brown. He is a winner on the recruiting trail and has deep connections for coordinators.

  2. Ingram was already promised the UT AD’s job for when Phil Fullmer retires next year. Temple won’t have an AD until atleast the 4th of July.

  3. A league leading DL, full of All-Conference honors: Roche, Maijeh, Banks, and Ebiketie.

    Lost opportunity. Gets pretty dark when the stars leave the sky. This new guy Rogers won’t even start.

    • you are so intelligent

    • I think Rogers starts only because there’s a dearth of talent but it can’t be argued that (so far) the talent going out the door exceeds the talent coming in the door. It’s Carey’s job to bring in seven starters at least as good as the seven who left, hopefully, better, and nothing has happened of significance since Dec. 14 on that front.

  4. Clark already turned down a job or two (one was Auburn) to stay at UAB, Moving to N Broad not much of a jump for him, pluis culture shock.

    Whoever the AD is, has to be someone from a P-5 football school who knows the ropes and asks the right questions at the interview (regarding football).

  5. If no coaching change is made, first thing the new AD needs to do after taking the reins is call Oklahoma about them buying out the games in coming years. OU needs better strength of schedule/non-conference games for the CFP, and TU needs the money. Win/win.

  6. Hate to say this but Temple strategies remind me of the ridiculous stuff going on with the Eagles – mind boggling moves that indicate a desire to not care about success. Both programs can never quite get out of the quick sand.

  7. Interesting discussion. Temple comes up a lot. I’d like to ask the younger gentlemen who he thought Temple’s “first choice” was for head coach:

  8. This is the guy Temple should interview: Jeff Nixon, Carolina Panthers. Great resume. Matt Rhule teammate at Penn State. This is the exact opposite of what you have in Rod Carey.

    How would you define your coaching style?

    “I coach with a lot of energy. I like to have fun. I believe that we can work extremely hard and we can reach our goals and help the organization win, but we can also have fun. I think I’m very detailed when it comes to our meetings. The guys are going to know exactly what we expect of them and they’re going to know their assignments. We’ll be able to go out and play great fundamental football and we’re going to have fun doing it.”

    1. Carey no energy. Carey no fun. How do I know, did it look like any TU players had any fun this year? Half of them had so much fun they entered the transfer portal.

    2. Carey no attention to detail. Case in point, how many games can you have terrible special teams play?

    3. Carey did not or it did not get through to players their assignments–evidenced by their inept offensive strategy.

    4. Carey might know fundamental football, but can’t coach it.

    Nixon has coached at Princeton, Eagles, Dolphins, Baylor, Niners, Panthers and Temple. Knows the geography. Knows what made Rhule successful. Played at WVU and Penn State. Dean’s list/ Academic all american. I’m not saying you hire him on his resume, but this is a guy that should be on the radar. I’m sure Dunphy says “who?”

  9. I tend to agree with John here. No first-timers but a guy who has a more infectious winning personality unlke the dead fish personality of Carey. A players’ coach with a lot of FBS wins and championships under his belt as head coach. The Coastal Carolina guy is an example of that both personality and resume wise. Golden was very popular with players and proved that he had the chops to win at Temple (but not Miami). It takes a special person to win at Temple. I’m with John in that we probably not take a chance on someone who hasn’t been a head coach before. We had to with Golden and Rhule. We’re established now. We don’t have to.

    • Weren’t Al Golden and Matt Rhule first time head coaches at Temple?

      • Big difference. Temple wasn’t established as a decade-plus mostly winning team then. It is now. If Miami isn’t satisfied with newbies neither should Temple. Rod Carey proved u have to get the right experienced guy. He ain’t it. Golden, having already proved he can win here, is.

      • Golden reached a plateau pretty quickly at TU, a plateau he couldn’t shake at Miami despite having much better players than he had at Miami. He never beat a winning MAC team, He also started at the absolute bottom and could only go up. Any person having any ability could have improved what arguably was the worst D-1program in the country, Rhule took two years to learn how to coach and during his first two years he lost at least six or seven winnable games because of inexperience. Rhule and Golden do not disprove my point that D-1 schools should not hire untested persons as head coaches,

      • Agreed

    • Mike, with all due respect to TU football. You aren’t getting a coach with a lot of FBS wins and championships under his belt to coach at Temple. Chadwell was hired as he was the Associate Head Coach at Coastal and interim head coach when the then head coach had to take a medical leave. I think the issue is the program is established, it has established itself as one that is candidly not a very attractive job to a guy (as you said who has a lot of FBS wins and championships under his belt).

      On another note, recruiting going forward will be much harder for Temple. Rutgers and Maryland both in their geographic vicinity are improving. Southern schools like Liberty (odd school) , Old Dominion (no games this year) and Coastal all are beginning to attract your wheelhouse recruits. Temple is a nice school, but if you are 17-18 years old and you take a recruiting trip to Coastal, see Myrtle Beach, their facilities, great weather, fan support, girls in bikinis, beach, suddenly N Broad Street doesn’t look quite as attractive.

      Point being, you can get a guy with experience and wins, maybe even a conference title but most likely he is going to come with some baggage.

  10. So they weren’t head coaches previously.

    And we already saw at two stops Al Golden couldn’t win on game day in big games. Since we’re a “decade-plus mostly winning team”, what exactly would Al Golden help us with? He doesn’t need to do a complete rebuild and we need someone who actually wins big games.

  11. We have a group signing day in February, Some will publicly announce beforehand, some won’t.

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