14 thoughts on “The Owl helmet: End of an Error

  1. I could understand all of the sports teams using only the T on their uniforms (and would actually prefer that), but I do like some of the owl logos on merchandise. I think the owl logo looks quite nice on some of the hats, tshirts, and sweatshirts that I’ve seen, and it certainly has some appeal to the younger kids. I think it provided a nice variety when shopping for Temple apparel and will be sad to see it go. I think the T and the owl logo can co-exist for merchandising purposes and am a little baffled by this move. I would think that the university and athletic department should have bigger fish to fry right now.

    • The knock off stuff my sister gives to me for Christmas (she gets it from Amazon) always has an Owl. The stuff I buy from Temple always has a ][. I keep her stuff in the closet. Just bought a cool Temple T with Tampa Bay hoodie from former Temple great Joe Greenwood.

      • I recommend the Boscov shirts. Gildan Long Sleeve ][‘s are 100% cotton, very comfortable, and great design.

        Amazon is evil Stay with a local mom and pop stores.

      • Don’t know about Boscov but agree about Amazon. Jeff Bezos needs more money like I need more 1-6 Temple football seasons.

  2. The “T” was designed, not just by Temple students, but by a Tyler School of Art design teacher and some of his students. Wayne Hardin might have thought there were a lot of T logos out there, which is true, but design makes any one different from the rest, or distinctive. The Temple T is just that, a distinctive, clean design that by now should never be changed – it really is Temple’s visual identity.

    Whether the owl logo should be dropped is another story. As a design major at Tyler and having a career in design behind me, I can say I somewhat agree with Dan’s comment that it was sort of ok on apparel and such, but IMO it was a poor choice to put it on the helmets because it was too busy in design to be seen clearly and easily (a basic criteria designers should consider). And really? I never cared for it anyway.

    PS: Dave’s comment was pretty funny…..

  3. I have been on the University Presidents for years about branding and most of them simply don’t get it. There is a specific shade of cherry PMS 201 which is used inconsistently. Black is not an official color and should never be used. Red isn’t either. I think a prerequisite for the presidents job is color blindness. Coke doesn’t use 10 shades of red. Just one.
    That being said I prefer the halo TEMPLE. I agree with Mike T on one side, Temple on the other and please, everything in the same shade of cherry.

    • That would be the King Solomon solution. Split the baby. Since there’s no bloodshed involved, it’s even better than King Solomon.

    • Agree Michael B. There are a plethora of reds in the color scale and far too many things Temple prints and sells are not our cherry red – bright reds are used by many other schools, ours is a deep red. If the suppliers can’t get it right, use a different company. At least use a red that’s close to Pantone Matching System (PMS) 201, we shouldn’t be using reds that are not a deep red color.

  4. In the early nineties or late eighties, the people responsible for washing the band’s uniforms must have used bleach because for the next several years or so the uniforms were Texas orange. The school was too cheap to get new unis and made the band wear them. I think that level of acceptance of mediocrity has, is, and will continue to permeate the athletic program. And by the way, the T sucks because it is not distinctive enough to be a branding mark. TexasTech has two Ts but on quick looks, TU’s and their T are indistinguishable.

  5. The Texas Tech TT is “indistinguishable” from our T? Well, I guess everyone has an opinion (and granted the colors are similar) but if you can’t tell the difference in the design itself an optometrist visit might help. I mean a T is a T, but c’mon. And Michael B, I’ve explained, as a designer, why I think it’s a good design, so why do you feel it sucks – just curious. What sucked was that owl head used in ways that were, especially from a distance, indistinguishable. BTW, if you dislike the T because you prefer the Wayne Hardin name halo, that doesn’t mean the T is bad just because they used it instead.

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