Season ticket deadline: Why the rush?

It would be nice to see these kind of crowds back but nothing is guaranteed for 2021.

The plan as rolled out by the Temple football season ticket office was to set a deadline for Feb. 26.

I let it slide.

I don’t think I’m the only one.

Looking at it from a sheer marketing perspective, the product they are trying to sell is just not a good one right now.


Do I want to sit in a seat and watch another 1-6 (or 2-5) start and suffer like I did from 1991-2008?


Been there, done that.

Hell, I might wait until after the Rutgers’ game and re-up. Beat Rutgers and I am all in and that bar would have been a very low one as recently as two years ago.

Furthermore, do we really know if fans will be allowed in the stands?

Just as importantly, will tailgating be allowed in Lot K or FDR Park? The tailgating experience is at least 50 percent of being there in good years, about 90 percent of it in the bad old days. Right now, 2020 was the bad old days and I’m hoping it was an outlier but the signs are not encouraging. Tailgating is not guaranteed for 2021.

I certainly hope so and think so, but I don’t KNOW so. That alone is enough to postpone any decision on season tickets until the effect of the vaccine on the entire pandemic is determined, maybe even as late as August.

If the ticket office was smart, they would have moveable deadlines and not have set the one that just expired. It’s going to be hard enough to sell tickets this season.

Making it easier to sell them should supersede any arbitrary deadline.

Friday: The Bounty Bowl and Temple


20 thoughts on “Season ticket deadline: Why the rush?

  1. Totally agree Mike
    I got literarily 6 calls from my ’ticket rep’ Brandon.
    I get that they what sales. Can’t blame them for that… but can you give us:
    1. An assurance that there will be games
    2. The the team won’t suck.


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  2. Have been hearing rumblings of a Big 10 starting corner coming our way, is it true Mike?

    • I don’t believe in rumblings until a signature is on the dotted line. Cornerback and LB are the two glaring areas of need now. We’re good at wide receiver, offensive line, defensive line. Could use a reliable long-distance kicker who won’t kick it out of bounds and an explosive punt returner like a Matty Brown, Paul Loughran, Delano Green, Anthony Young, etc., who doesn’t wave his arms and signals for a fair catch all of the time. Of course, those decisions could come from the top but I’d like to see the Owls have balls on the special teams once again. They lost their gonads once Rod Carey came to town:

      • OK. Guy’s name is Cameron Ruiz, a former starter at Northwestern. Assistant sports editor at the Inquirer when I was there just instant messaged me with a scouting report (he’s a Northwestern grad and a big NW fan). Said he lost his starting job when he got beat for two long touchdown passes this past season but he’s a very good tackler who was solid in pass coverage in 2019. NW only had 8 touchdown passes given up, but he was responsible for two of them in 2020. I like Freddie Johnson and Ty Mason and hope they stay healthy and start. Hell, with Carey, I hope neither one of those guys go in the portal.

  3. I renewed my family’s tickets and I hope others will show their support of the university and the team by doing the same. We are hopeful that things will be closer to normal by the time football season rolls around. And shouting at the TV simply isn’t the same as being there in person. Go Owls!

  4. Totally agree with Mike about putting a deadline on season ticket renewal. So much depends on the COVID situation come September. Right now, it appears that vaccinations are in full swing and the spread of the virus has decreased significantly. But until “return-to-normal” is achieved, sans face masks and social distancing, college football will suffer. No fans in the stands means financial support for the programs is more dependent on other sources. The Alabamas, Ohio States and Notre Dames of the world will press on, but another season with restrictions like the last one may spell doom for some programs. It is March already and there remains a substantial amount of uncertainty. I too have had numerous calls from Temple students and Kate Gier to renew before the announced deadline. But I am holding off. I normally miss some home games anyway being away on some weekends in September/October. But I’m hoping for the best.
    Go Owls!

  5. Who wouldn’t pay a premium for a seat behind a pillar, next to a fat smelly guy, watching a 0-10 team in Temple-owned stadium?

  6. No season Tix this year unless shocking new developments in the next few weeks. This can include coaches and players, on the positive side. We will still go to at least a few games however. This is not a total disavow action, just unhappy so far.

  7. Offered as an explanation but not a defense, one of the reasons they may be looking for early ticket renewals is to ease the change in seating from one sideline to the other. That’s a good reason to push renewals so fans don’t get mad when they aren’t put in a seat quite as good as their old ones.

  8. Have a feeling that this year is going to be like the old Connie Mack Stadium. Get there in the fifth inning and move to any seat you want. I hope I’m wrong. Beat Rutgers.

    • COVID-19 obviously has had devastating effects on college football in general, and particularly for Group of Five teams like Temple. Owl season ticket holders are reluctant to renew right now. Add to that the transfer portal (bad idea IMO) and there is good reason to expect a less than desirable 2021 football season for us. But I hope for the best – Go Owls!

      • Transfer portal is the worst idea ever. I’d support sitting out a year for both players and coaches but the coaches would probably win a restraint of trade lawsuit. The whole thing is set up for P5 schools (who run NCAA football) to use G5 as a farm system for both players and coaches. It stinks.

  9. The portal giveth and the portal taketh. G5 schools can use it to their advantage. There were dozens and dozens of very good P-5 players who entered the portal. If a G-5 school can sign equal talent to replace what they lost, it’s a wash. If they ever up the number of scholarships, that’s something that would put a stake into the heart of the G-5.

    • actually, the literal grass is probably greener (10th and Diamond is pretty much paved) but the figurative grass not so much.

    • The article tells me that the portal defections TU saw are a drop in the bucket compared to what other schools saw. It worries me because I was unaware that there is a move afoot to raise the 85 scholarship limit and mentioned that in my last post because it is something that would skew an already skewed model in favor of the P-5 schools. The whole thing is a travesty but understandable. If coaches can abandon contracts and schools for more money players should be able to as well. Just hope every kid contemplating a move reads this article. If I were a coach at a G-5 school I’d make sure all my players read the article.

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