5 Questions and (possible) answers

Well, that was quick.

Weston Kramer, we hardly knew ye.

As soon as Kramer got to Philadelphia, he did a U-Turn. It was reminiscent of the time Matt Rhule hired Nick Rolovich to be his first offensive coordinator, only to see Rolovich accept the job one day and reconsider the next.

At least Kramer thought about it a little.

The All-MAC tackle decided on Feb. 18 to commit to Temple and then, a little over a month later, de-committed from that commitment, according to the twitter handle CFB Blitz.


Rod Carey’s got a lot of “splaining” to do.

Just another question that will remain unanswered for awhile–or at least until the Philadelphia press assembles at spring practice in April

Head coach Rod Carey has a lot of questions to answer, some that will be asked, some that might not.

We can only guess what his answers will be now so we’re projecting what Carey might say:

1), What happened with Weston Kramer?

Carey: “Philadelphia can be a huge culture shock for Midwest guys. The bus dropped Weston off at 10th and Diamond and Wes wasn’t all that comfortable with the surroundings. We told him to give it a month and that’s just what he did. He packed his bags, we shook his hand (with gloves on, off course, for COVID protocols) and gave him a bus ticket home.”

2) Do you think your special teams are a problem?

Carey: “No, I actually think we were quite good on special teams in 2020. That situation where we had an extra point blocked and returned for two against Cincy didn’t happen last year, so that’s progress. This year our goal is to clean up those darn kickoffs that keep going out of bounds and two years from now we’ll address returning some punts. We’re not going to fix special teams in one year. Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

3) Why do all the coaching departures/demotions seem to guys with Temple and local connections?

Carey: “Pat (Kraft) wanted me to keep (Ed) Foley, Adam DiMichele, Fran (Brown) and Gabe (Infante), so I did that. He didn’t say that I had to keep Ed as the special teams coach, so I moved him to an off-the-field capacity and Ed balked at that. Fran and I didn’t get along. Pat isn’t here anymore and Fran (Dunphy) says he doesn’t care what I do, so I’m working on getting Gabe and Adam off the field and hiring a couple more NIU guys.”

4) What would you consider a successful 2021 season?

Carey: “Well, we won one game in 2020, so two wins would be doubling the win total but we’d like to win more than two. Let’s leave it at that.”

5) What will be your message to the fans at the August season-ticket party?

Carey: “I don’t think we’re having one, thank God. I can imagine some of them are pretty upset with me right now.”

We’ll try to match up our projections with the real answers in a couple of weeks, although I’m not hopeful more than one of them will ever be asked.

Friday: Trolling Temple


14 thoughts on “5 Questions and (possible) answers

  1. Mike, Your Q & A with Coach Carey was certainly tongue in cheek, but it is scary. I do not sense any connection to Coach Carey as I did with Al and Matt. I did meet Steve Addazio and Geoff Collins, and had a sense of program stability. Matt’s return after Addazio stemmed the program. Currently, I feel dis-enaged. I remember when Al and Harry were having weekly radio shows at the South Philly Tap Room. My younger daughter was attending Temple then and it was a terrific Dad/Daughter night getting to chat with Al and Harry, listen to the show, and catching up on one another. I guess these times are gone. Also my sense of passion toward our football program has also waned. Both Al and Matt understood they were the CEO and COO of our program. They had a vision, a mission, and a business model. They understood how to sell their business plan, engage their market, first from its roots, the hard core football alums. Engage us, get the sense of our history, our victories and our frustrations. The other factor was Bill Bradshaw. He also embraced the program. They know how to “trumpet” that vision. Right now, it crickets. I really miss those days.

    • Temple has a real leadership problem right now and it stems from the BOT on down. This school is too large to be hiring Presidents and ADs on an interim basis for years. Carey has no supervision.

  2. The last 3 years and counting, Temple has lost the budget battle for state funding.

    Why? BOT is absent and no Uni Pres for legislative engagements. Temple’s financials will pressure the BOT to make hard decisions in all aspects.

    Carey is the Dead Man Walking.

  3. As a parent of a former player who transferred I would like to point out that there isn’t a particular ‘problem’ per say, but these kids literally had their head coach leave them at the altar just 2 years ago. They’ve been through a lot. Now that they have a chance to leave, some decided to make a grown decision to do what 4 coaches in as many years have done. Power to the people!

    • I’m all for the coaches having to sit out a year before they transfer. This musical chairs makes it tough not only to be a fan of Temple but of any G5 team and it’s going to ruin the sport.

  4. What this man (Carey) seems unaware of is that TU football is competing simply to be recognized in a pro-dominated market. Hard to believe he hasn’t figured that yet. But is the NIU program an under-the-radar situation in Chicagoland? Perhaps that’s his comfort zone and more pizzazz shouldn’t be expected. He may be thinking that Villanova and Penn don’t expect much in terms of TV and radio time, but the AAC has a lot more to offer than the Ivy and Colonial.

    At the least, he should be reaching out to TU alums in the NFL and ask them to be visible around the program for the players, recruits, and TV cameras. Show people there’s a pipeline from N Broad to the NFL. We realize these aren’t “his” players, but they wore the uniform. Bruce Arians is doing more to promote TU football than any ad campaign….30 years after being on the job!!

    Don’t coaching contracts contain language that the coach is required to spend so many hours in a PR role? Did they let this guy’s agent write the contract? Joe Biden was in view campaigning more than Carey talking up the Owls.

  5. Good development. Temple should not recruit the MAC!

  6. Mike, and TFF followers. My previous comments were targeting my sense that Temple Football has a leadership void. I mentioned that Al Golden and Matt Rhule established and promoted a “brand” for Temple Football. The “Temple Tuff” moniker. The single digit players. The 10th and Diamond reference for toughness. The Temple “Acres of Diamonds” historic reference for our University. Taking a recruit and developing them into great college players, and NFL prospects. This brand seems to be missing from the program. A lot has changed in recent years with the Portal and free agency of college players. It seems that recruits now do not sense this vision of these former coaches. Even Steve Addazio recognized what Al started and trumpeted this brand. Do these players not recognize that they are an integral part of this vision? I think not. Yes the Coaching carrossel is frustrating, but other AAC programs have the same experience, and maintain their program’s dynamic. Mike, you are right that the Portal is horrible for College sports on the larger scale. The balance between the G5 and Power 5 conferences will suffer. It is really sickening that colleges can recruit our players. I can understand a student athlete wanting to transfer, but this is going to hurt college football.

    • Let’s say the Carey hire was the best choice under the hurried Diaz retreat (which I’m not convinced of), considering the negative signs of his career he should never had been given such an outrageous contract – NIU circling the drain after early success, never winning a bowl game after 6 tries, coming across like a wet dish towel, and more proof now of not even being able to bring an NIU player into the fold. What the hell was the TU brain trust thinking about? The article rightly points out that keeping coach stability isn’t necessarily the foremost or best criteria for hiring someone under such a ridiculous contract that doesn’t require any standards to be met and contains a buyout that TU can’t afford and no other school would pay especially if he’s mediocre or less. Boy, he must be laughing all the way to the bank! It’s downright maddening to see such incompetency, not Carey’s but TU’s. Millions of dollars being thrown around as if it doesn’t matter? Well, we’ll see soon enough if he can manage a decent season or prove how bad a deal TU got.

    • Thanks. Good to see there’s another voice crying out that the ship is taking on water.

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