Trolling Temple Football Forever

Full disclosure: I shop at Costco instead of Walmart because I like the fact that Costco pays its employees $15 an hour.

I believe that’s a fair amount to spend on someone who puts his or her lives on the line dealing with the general public, now more literally than figuratively, sadly.

I don’t visit Walmart and run up and down the aisles and scream they suck and tell all of the other shoppers to go to Costco.

If I don’t like something, I just go elsewhere.

I fully expect if you don’t like Temple Football Forever, I will get the same treatment.

I hope I do.

I don’t do this to please the audience or to get subscriptions or twitter follows. I do this as a labor of love.

I love Temple football and want it to maintain the same kind of standard it achieved under Al Golden and Matt Rhule and often submit for your approval their blueprint for success and hope the current regime follows it. I want championships and despise 1-6 seasons and the avoidable reasons for it.

This post today is about someone who doesn’t feel the same way about TFF as I do Walmart or Costco.

Every time I post something, he posts a criticism. He might as well be pissing into the wind because I know his IP address (it’s Horsham) and I’ve banned him for life from this site even though he tries to post under many different aliases, some very famous Temple football-related names.

I feel sorry for the guy.

When I offered five questions for Rod Carey in my last post, he basically said go ask the guy the questions. My whole point was that the paid people following Temple don’t have the balls to go ask him in regular press conferences. What are they afraid of, that Rod Carey is going to beat them up for asking tough questions?

To not understand the difference between an opinion blogger and an objective journalist is a special kind of stupid.

The whole point of blogging is to offer opinions on how things might be better. It is not to cover the team per se. If this guy has his own, he is free to start his own blog.

To spend that much time and effort on negativity about what someone else says or writes who you clearly hate indicates to me he has no life or no life at least worth living. Just walk away, Renee. The very definition of being mentally ill is being obsessed with someone or something you don’t like. That is deeply disturbed territory.

I hope I never see this guy in Costco or he might be carrying an AR-15.

Monday: Resuming regular programming


14 thoughts on “Trolling Temple Football Forever

  1. Mike, the cream always rises to the top. Forget the haters and keep up the good work!

    The rest of us will continue to look forward to your takes and posts. You have been enhancing and enriching the Temple Football Experience for a long time! Thanks.

  2. So Mike, you are a bad bad guy according to some naysayer who just wants to be a PIA ( pain-in-arse ) ?
    Amazing post here, but proves my theory the world’s problems are due mostly to people, at least some people.
    If you are the PIA according to some troll, then keep at it !!!!
    Most all here on this site will be guilty just as you are being charged.
    Supportive of the overall TUFB program is now a crime when pointing out obvious problems or issues is now a crime ?
    Hopes for a better team and season vs be happy with what we’ve got ( at 1-6? ), and that’s a problem ?
    Continue to persevere.
    I yelled at TUFB last year, and still supported that crap-show thru the stink.
    So did you.
    Oh boy, Oh Well.

  3. Mike, I enjoy you posts and have for quite some time now even If don’t comment that often. I don’t like to start my Mondays and Fridays until I check your site. Keep on keeping on! Look forward to catching up with you in Lot K this fall. Maybe KJ will fly in again for a game this season. Keep up the good work. Thanks for doing what you do.

  4. You’re a spot-on sports pundit, the EIB of Temple Football. The commentator may have mistaken you for the Washington Post or NY Times.

  5. Boy Mike, not to change the subject, BUT

    I was reading about the passing of Howard Schnellenberger and just shocked to see that he’s not in the College Football HOF. Anyone have an idea on such an obvious oversight?

    • No idea. He deserves to be in there. He paved the way for the other Miami coaches.

    • There was a rule change put in for coaches to have a 60% winning percentage to make the HOF. I believe he was around 52% which would keep him out.

      There are some national CFB writers who have raised this as an issue that he should get an exemption.

      Separate, but if you ever get a chance to go the CFB HOF, go for it. It’s a great experience.

  6. Schnellenberger did not want to have Louisville go into a conference. Would schedule big schools 2&1. Really big programs he would play at their place. When Louisville opted to join C-USA, he left.

    For him at UL, it was about putting bodies in the seats. His high water mark was beating Alabama in the ’91 Fiesta Bowl (Browning Nagle was his QB).

    Point of this is, he had a plan and stuck to it. The AD changed the plan and he left. Commitment like that is needed on Broad Street.

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