Rod Carey’s Final Countdown

If the Diamond Marching band wants a prolonged standing ovation, it will put a photo of Rod Carey where the “M” above is here during their halftime performance on Saturday. (Don’t worry, he won’t see it.)

There are plenty of things Temple, a school with 26,217 full-time undergrads, does better than Tulsa, a school with 3,171 undergrads.

The scripted plays this crack coaching staff work on all week to start the game have certainly had an impact.

Football, unfortunately, is not one of them as was documented in the Owls’ 44-10 loss on Saturday.

In that area, Tulsa joins a growing club that includes Rutgers, BC, USF, UCF, Cincy, ECU, and Houston.

One of the areas Temple has Tulsa beat, though, is the band because, from the 11:37 mark until the end of the game, the only song in the Tulsa band’s playbook was “The Final Countdown” by the band Europe.

The playlist of the Diamond Marching Band is much more diverse.

How appropriate, though.

For anyone who watched this latest abomination, there couldn’t have been a more fitting song. For the fans who remained around in the fourth quarter to watch and followed by performing some errands after the game was over (raising my hand here), they couldn’t get that damn 1986 song out of their heads.

Rod Carey has entered his final countdown as Temple University’s head football coach and the only thing we don’t know is how long that countdown will be.

If the Diamond Marching Band wants to go viral it will blow up this photo and put it in a symbolic trash can on Saturday all the while playing “The Final Countdown” by Europe.

It could be a day, two days, three days, a week or a couple of months.

Rest assured that he’s gone, though, because a school that invested $17 million ($7 million to build with a $10 million addition in 2010) in a football facility cannot stomach that investment being thrown away by the one incompetent coaching staff the school has hired since the building opened. A school that before this current season signed a 10-year extension at $1 million per year to remain at Lincoln Financial Field can’t afford for that stadium to be empty next year or the year after like it will be on Saturday.

So whatever the school has to spend to get rid of this guy it will and it should.

Thanks for the follow, Mr. Johnson. Now please do something.

The only debate is how soon and we certainly are on the side of not soon enough because we’ve already lost enough good players to the transfer portal and Temple cannot afford to lose one more player.

In fact, Temple needs a charismatic guy right now who can attract players from the portal, rather than repel them like the current guy we have now.

Simple math should dictate the school with 26,217 undergrads deserves a better football team than the one with 3,171. It’s past time for the administration to crunch the numbers and come to the same conclusion.

Tuesday: Hopefully coverage of Monday’s press conference firing Rod Carey


17 thoughts on “Rod Carey’s Final Countdown

  1. You are 100% correct. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls… it tolls for thee….
    He better be gone soon

  2. Owls have been outscored 261 to 45 over the last six games! I believe this is the worst stretch in the history of the program, or at least in my memory! Everyone knows what needs to happen for us to get back to respectability. Players have reportedly left the program due to mistreatment by the coach (s). Potential recruits likely to think twice before committing here!

  3. Please fire this coach now!! Save Temple football!! These young men deserve more than what they are getting!! A person calling himself a coach doesn’t deserve a payout !

  4. Hopefully, he’s toast. Temple can’t stand another season with this senseless incompetent.

  5. Navy will be the last game I attend as long as Carey is coaching!

  6. From your mouth to gods ears, or at least Arthur Johnson’s ears.


    Carey legacy, leaving behind one of the worst teams in all of college football. After years of back to back bottom half recruiting seasons, TUFB is now the least talented team in the AAC.

    TUFB went from fielding one of the largest, toughest teams in the league to the smallest and slowest team.

    Cincy and Houston both have over 14 players 300 lbs or more, TUFB has half the amount.

    The ability to recruit must be one of the top criterions for all candidates.

    Make no mistake, Collins and Carey were horrible recruiters. Startling the number of starters who entered the portal under Carey.

    Bottom line. The cupboard is bare to the bone, all the great players left via the portal. How many all-conference players did Collins and Carey recruit? Zero!!!

    • Please bring Dan Mullen home. Talk to Johnson.

    • Just looking at the players who have left via the portal confirms that. Outside of Davis, the best players leaving have been Rhule recruits or his recruits that Collins kept committed

      • The Symptoms: Collins and Carey, they took Top 25 talent to the basement of all college football. Back to back to back to back to back, bottom conference half to really piss poor recruiting classes. Carey’s first recruiting coordinator refused to go to Essex County, NJ……, smh

        The Root Cause: TU BoT
        Mistake after mistake, zero strategic vision, stupendous wasted amount of financial resources, and seemingly indifferent = BoT. Acceptance of responsibility, accountability where are you?
        The TU BoT is a living case study for bureaucracy ineptitude, and should be a lesson taught to all TU students.

        Folks don’t really understand how far TUFB has fallen. The least talented team in the AAC today, and for the foreseeable future.

        AAC 2021 post season selections will have zero representation from TUFB

  8. There are 34 reasons why Temple hit rock bottom quickly: the Board of Trustees. They hired Neil Theobald who hired Pat Kraft who hired Rod Carey. The board fired Theobald unceremoniously and the dominoes started falling.

    I’ve never seen a well-run organization with 34+ directors with no skin in the game. Time to right-size the BOT for the future.

  9. The thought never leaves my mind recently ; how could a head coach like Carey have been so gawd-awful? Makes no sense really.
    Is it him or his staff of coaches?
    To be so bad that more than a dozen boys leave in 1 year?
    How bad is he…….

    • Carey said today he was surprised Mathis left. Really.., sooo aloof?

      Overwhelmed like Dorothy out of Kansas. Philly, blue collar town, urban campus, Northeast student athletes, Temple Tuff…,

      Carey never bought into the existing culture. He didn’t get it or even try to understand it. Worse yet, he tried unsuccessfully to bring NIU to No Philly. How did that work out?

      Loser legacy and arguably the worst recruiter in TUFB history.

      Too easy, throwing darts at Carey. Who hired him, who is responsible, who shall we hold accountable?

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