5 Potential Candidates for Temple HC job

Preston Brown could be the one who puts Temple football on the national map.
Al Golden

Another Monday goes past, another opportunity for a Rod Carey firing press conference goes by with a swing and a miss from the Temple administration.

It looks like Temple fans are stuck with this guy for another week.

Meanwhile, a lucky 13 other universities have already fired their head coach with an eye on the all-important Dec. 15 early (and really only these days) signing date.

Hopefully, new athletic director Arthur Johnson and new Temple President Dr. Jason Wingard are making their early Christmas lists for head coaches and checking them twice. Or they could be twiddling their thumbs which would be a disaster on the order of what we’ve seen on the field the last five weeks.

A number of names have surfaced in social media circles, some appealing, some not. We’re going to eliminate all of those names who don’t have head coaching experience anywhere and come up with the five most appealing names so far.

5. Tom Herman, offensive analyst Chicago Bears

Plusses: Knows the AAC, knows current Temple AD Arthur Johnson, beat Temple in the 2015 AAC title game so at least is aware the school exists.

Minus: Very little knowledge of Temple’s recruiting footprint and doesn’t fit the profile of past successful Temple coaches.

Rating: Probably a lot better than Carey (who isn’t?), but his ceiling at Temple is right around 6-6.

Verdict: Hard pass

Gabe Infante

4. Dan Mullen, ex-Florida head coach.

Plusses: From the Philadelphia area, knows the Temple recruiting footprint, a great gameday coach in all but this season.

Minus: Probably won’t have the energy needed to be a Temple head coach so his ceiling is probably around 7-5.

Verdict: At least worth a look.

3. Preston Brown, current director of Player Personnel, Temple football

Pluses: Has been a championship head coach, knows not only the Temple football recruiting footprint but every current Temple recruiting target. Would be able to stop the transfer portal bleeding that Temple has experienced under Carey. Record as a head coach 41-23. Rebuilt Woodrow Wilson High from an 0-12 season to two-straight South Jersey Group 3 titles.

Minus: None

Verdict: A potential home run hire who might do for Temple football what John Chaney did for Temple basketball. Ceiling: Double-digit winning seasons.

2. Gabe Infante, current running backs coach, Temple football

Plusses: A 91-23 record as head coach at St. Joseph’s Prep after a successful stint as a head coach in New Jersey, knows both sides of the river, has won four large school PIAA state championships in Pennsylvania, two-time National High School Coach of Year, players love him. Ceiling: Multiple AAC titles.

Minus: None.

Verdict: If the next guy says no, he’s your guy.

  1. Al Golden, linebackers coach, Cincinnati Bengals

Plusses: Knows Edberg-Olson Hall inside and out, loved by all the support staff and alumni and fans, has the “secret sauce” to win at Temple, would create instant excitement and credibility with the fan base that no other candidate would. He’s already in the school’s Hall of Fame and probably would have the kind of successful second stint at Temple head coach that Bill Snyder did at Kansas State. Would include Infante and Brown on the new staff and one could be named head coach in waiting.

Minus: Might not have the same burning desire to rebuild Temple the second time and is probably not as good a game day coach as the above four. Ceiling is 8-9 wins a year, but his floor is 6 wins and, since the floor has collapsed the last two years, Temple might want to shore that up before looking at ceiling repairs.

Verdict: Like Bill Bradshaw wrote on that yellow legal pad in 2005, “this is our guy.” Temple would have to woo him like a five-star recruit and hopefully Johnson has that salesman trait in him.

Friday: Season Mercifully Comes to an end

Sunday: Game Analysis


32 thoughts on “5 Potential Candidates for Temple HC job

  1. Fingers crossed for a second Golden Era.
    I just feel bad for those guys on the team. They work their tails off and deserve better.

  2. Tom Herman is a masterful offensive mind. I think we need someone like Joe Moorhead. No way we’re hiring some high school coach.

  3. Ok, have to address something.i have been seeing alot of Infante support, while I agree he is a great coach of young men , doesn’t he lack the experience that many on this site worried about with the last couple searches? I have read things such as: we don’t need a hot shot, up and coming coordinator, we need a head coach with experience at a high level. How much experience does Infante have at this level as a position coach, 3 years? I understand the local, Philly guy angle but are folks looking through the local rose colored glasses to see something that’s not there? Remember, people wanted someone who had the experience as the “ceo” at a big time program….why has that pre-requisite been thrown out or ignored when it comes to him?

  4. Not really but this guy can coach. I watched his teams at Prep for many, many years … never offside, never false start .. NEVER … not exaggerating. That’s about as well-drilled a team as I’ve ever seen, college, high school, NFL. I wish I could have said the same thing under Collins and Carey. Even Rhule had 135 yards in penalties in a 34-27 loss at Penn State. I don’t think that ever happens under Infante. Runs a very tight ship and that would translate to the Temple level. That said, Golden is THE guy over the other four and any assistant coach out there you could name because he’s actually done the same exact job on a very high level at the same exact place. Arguably, he did a better job than Rhule because Wallace left him with a complete shit show that he turned around with nine- and 10-win seasons by his fourth- and fifth years. Carey will leave him with a similar shit show and I pray to God he has the desire and the stomach to clean out this toilet one more time.

  5. Delete Tom Herman. Inside knowledge of guy while at Houston. Real character issues with players, similar to current coach.
    Look to Temple South for others.
    Anyone from the Golden Era?

  6. Al golden is not the answer need the next up and coming guy that is hungry. I like the OC at wake forest warren Ruggiero local north jersey guy. Been with Clawson since bowling green and has had great offenses and knows how to coach up the qb position.

  7. 30. Ja’Juan Seider, run game coordinator/running backs coach, Penn State
    A South Florida native (Belle Glade) with strong roots in the recruiting hotbed, Seider is a candidate for FIU as well a few other Group of 5 jobs. The former standout quarterback at FAMU was also a very successful high school coach in South Florida. He’s proven to be a really good position coach and is one of the best recruiters in college football.

    How about a guy like this?? I do not know that Golden has the heart or desire to start all over again at Temple. Arguably we might be in a worse position than when he took over before.

    This guy is young, hungry and has connections no?

    • Any assistant coach without HC experience is a crapshoot. For every Matt rhule there are 10 Bob Diacos

      • Golden wasn’t a head coach before temple job. Worst thing temple can do is hire a coach that failed at top level and needs to build back up again. Ucf as another prime example gus malzahn bad hire.

      • He didn’t fail at the Temple level and that’s the most important thing. He’s the only guy out there who has proven he can do this specific job at a very high level. He will know what levers to pull the minute he walks in the door. Can’t say that for any other guy.

      • Undeniably correct Mike, but one could argue that Temple, in Brown and Infante, already have two championship Head Coaches on staff.

        I am not advocating for Sedier, I know little about him, but I believe the most important point is to get in a guy who can recruit A built in support staff can hep establish procedures.

        The other , unsaid risk, would be that Temple would almost certainly be a stepping stone for a guy like this.

      • Plenty of moving parts in this hire. You have to advance the program and you have to restore the confidence of a shaken fan base. You can do both with Golden, who is credited for taking the program back from the dead. I think he will be motivated to show people the Miami thing was a hiccup caused by Penn State-level sanctions. Temple would give him that opportunity. In return, he would generate excitement and sell tickets next year (and get a grace period) that a no-name coach without experience would not. Now I’m not sure he would take it but I would go the Preston Brown/Gabe Infante route before I would bring in peopel who don’t know our recruiting footprint and our players don’t know.

  8. One would think a 2 mil $ raise would be plenty to lure him back. As I’ve always said tho, as did you Mike, he wasn’t a great game day coach but if he relied more on his coordinators (really good ones hopefully) during games, the rest of the HC duties would be well taken care of.
    I’m still wondering however how you’re so sure that this will be Carey’s last season – I know it SHOULD be, but considering Temple’s past history and lack of funds (supposedly), what indicators are there that he’s done after Saturday? I mean, counting pennies, that 6 mil payout would be 6 years rent at the LINC – and that’s nothing to take lightly. Oh and when did the salary go up to 2.5 mil. I thought it was 2 mil per year.

  9. Best case: Al Golden HC, Gabe Infante Assistant HC! Pipe dream? Maybe, maybe not!

    • Logically, that makes the most sense. This isn’t like any past Temple hire. Can’t bring an assistant in here who’s never been a winner anywhere else. Got to bring someone our players can rally behind. It’s obvious they hate the NIU guys and bring in someone like Warren Ruggierio they might say “who?” and flood the portal. They love Preston and Gabe and at least know the history and credibility behind Al Golden.

  10. Mike, I love the site. I don’t always agree with your analysis, but rarely do I think you are way off; usually just a difference in close opinions.

    Not even close here. Head Coach at St. Joe’s is certainly a cut above most HS HFC jobs. It does not even begin to touch Division-I football… probably not even really good Div-III.

    I think Gabe could end up a D-I HFC at some point. However, it’ll be built upon the experience and success he demonstrates over the next 2-5 years in college… not based on being a great local high school coach.

    Very Respectfully,

    • Agree to disagree. Some people have that “it” factor, either as a quarterback or a head coach and Infante has the it factor. He will be a great head coach for someone in the future. I hope it’s Temple. That said, the best-case scenario would be for Al Golden to come in here and groom Gabe to be HC like he did with Matt.

    • The MAC coach with a losing record?

      • I like him but I think Temple has hit its quota of MAC head coaches who have no ties to the area. Like the great Mike Pettine told me when I urged him to go for the Temple head coaching job after Arians was fired, “Mike, I think Gerry Faust ruined it for all of us high school coaches.” I think the Rod Carey Error will ruin it, at least from Temple’s perspective, for all MAC coaches.

  11. From Wiki –


    [quote]Partridge was the head coach of Paramus Catholic High School, a position he held for five seasons (2010–2014). While at the helm of the Paladin program, Partridge grew a football program listed 4,250th nationally and 112th in state of New Jersey to the top-ranked team in the state and No. 4 nationally by USA Today. He coached and mentored more than 30 Division I football players during that time, as well as various All-America players.[/quote]

    From Paramus, Partridge went to Michigan, where he coached under Don Brown, a highly regarded DC in college football (and newly hired UMass HC). He currently is Co-DC at Ole Miss who will most likely lose HC Lane Kiffin this year. The Rebels are 10-2. The turn around took only 2 years.

    So here’s a young guy (41) from the mid-Atlantic area, specifically NJ, like Schiano, Golden and Brown.

    • Good one. There’s no one RIGHT guy to take Temple to the next level. The threading the needle part is finding the best right guy. Still think the safe pick is Al Golden and we need safe right now. He knows how to win here and set the template for Temple success. Not sure this job is like any other job in the nation.

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