Duke: All’s Quiet on the Southern Front

Huge track around Duke’s Wallace Wade Stadium means the fans there probably won’t be a huge factor Friday night.

Anyone who saw the 2011 science-fiction film “Another Earth” saw for maybe the first time what a parallel world might look like.

In that film, scientists on this planet find out there’s an Earth-like planet orbiting our sun.

That got us to thinking about Friday’s opener at Duke. In a parallel football world, is there a “Duke Football Forever?”

No, but google “Duke Football Blog” and one shows up. It’s called Bull City Coordinators and, judging from the paucity of posts, there doesn’t seem to be a parallel level of enthusiasm for the opening of the Duke season as there is about the Temple one.

The last post on it was dated Aug. 8. The one before that on July 4. There is no mention of Temple.


Message board-wise, there is a little more interest but not as much on the two major Temple sites. On the Duke rivals’ site, in this entire month, Temple is mentioned just four times. One, talking about the 1988 basketball win over Temple (Aug. 2), another (last Wednesday) saying, “In 1961, Bill Cosby played fullback for Temple.”

Only two talked about the game.

“As of today, Duke is an eight-point favorite,” a poster named “hart2chesson” said. “But Temple is in our boat. New coach! New attitude!”

Duke doesn’t draw well. Despite playing another team from the same state, Charlotte, in last year’s home opener, the Blue Devils drew only 14,125 fans for that 31-28 loss. They drew fewer fans (12,323) two weeks later for another home game against Northwestern.

So even if only 500 or so Temple fans attend (geez, we hope a lot more), you are likely to hear a “Let’s Go Temple!” cheer or two come through your TV screen Friday night. Maybe even an acapella version of “T for Temple U” after touchdowns.

On the Duke scout board, there is only one post on the Temple game and it is by a Temple fan. Other threads are about 88-year-old former Duke (and Eagles’) quarterback Sonny Jurgensen and one about the quarterback battle for this season.

Not much discussion about Temple.

On the other hand, there is plenty of discussion about Duke on the two Temple boards.

Presumably, Duke’s players are thinking about Temple but there is not a single story quoting a Duke player talking about Temple anywhere. Plenty of Temple players have been quoted that all they’ve watched is game film not only of Duke but of the Memphis offense and the Rutgers’ defense since Aug. 18. That’s because the Duke OC was the Memphis OC the last three years (including two losses to Temple) and the Duke DC was on the RU defensive staff a year ago. Gotta wonder what film Duke players are looking at now, if any.

Texas running back films?

Kinda doubt it.

If that’s an indication of what’s to come on Friday night and Temple is more locked in than Duke, the Blue Devils could be in for a surprise.

Friday: Temple-Duke Preview

Saturday: Game Analysis


11 thoughts on “Duke: All’s Quiet on the Southern Front

  1. Is the starting team named yet ?

  2. What’s your take on the receivers this year? Does it look like a solid group with any big play potential? *** GO OWLS ***

    • Anderson is explosive. His touchdown against Memphis put that game away and he scored quite a few touchdowns as a receiver at Purdue. Sanders is a proven Power 5 playmaker and Barbon is a reliable possession receiver. Think the big thing is that getting OL coach Chris W. back from GT coaching his old crew like Klein, Moore and Stoffel is going to give Mathis a second or two more to find them.

  3. I see the TU Duke 9/2 football game to be carried by the ACCN network ???. So which ESPN service will cover this, and is it TV or live stream thru my Laptop ? Thanks for your help here…

    • If you have an ESPN+ subscription, you get the ACC network. If not, you can subscribe to Youtube premium for the free 7-day trial and then cancel after the game. (Also think Hulu, FUBO and other services offer the ACC network and you can do the same with them.)

  4. Now that I see the TU starters are young and also not very experienced, I find it tuff to believe they get more than 5 wins, but it’s a start. Last guy ( Carey ) may well have left the cupboard so bare that its impossible for new Coach to find strong starters there. I will be happy to root for kids who try.

  5. Down the last few years but far from out. Drayton will get the most out of, and coach up the players on the roster now. 5 or even 6 wins is not far fetched. Plus, TUFB has TWO Elite 11’s!

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