Temple at Duke: Confident, not cocky

Don’t bet your house, but taking Temple might get you another farm if you have a spare farm.

Given the dwindling number of Temple fans still living who spent a significant amount of time around the two most successful Owl major sports coaches in history (raising my hand here as one), it’s pretty apparent the general approach both would take tonight.

Defend and attack the known. Don’t worry about the unknown.

Wayne Hardin and John Chaney took that approach and, if Stan Drayton does tonight (ACC Network, 7:30 p.m.), I fully expect Temple to be a winner.

Don’t see Temple scoring 38 but certainly think the Owls outscore Duke by double digits.

Confident, not cocky. In other words, don’t bet the house but if you have a farm to spare, it’s worth the investment.

That’s because we don’t know a lot but we do know a couple of important things:

One, the Duke quarterback starter, Riley Leonard, has started exactly one FBS game in his career and is a three-star recruit.

Two, both Temple quarterbacks, starter D’Wan Mathis and backup Quincy Patterson, were four-star recruits. Between the two, those players have 17 college football starts, 10 at the FBS level. Patterson is 9-1 in all of his starts at the two levels.

Mathis rose to the occasion when Drayton brought in Patterson to compete with him in summer camp and is playing the best football of his career according to insiders who have watched every August practice. Put it this way, highly paid coaching staffs at Iowa State, Michigan State, Ohio State and Georgia evaluated Mathis and put their salaries on the line by offering scholarships to him. Mathis at one point accepted offers from all schools before bouncing around and ending up at Temple.

He can make plays with his arm and his feet. Big-time players make big-time plays and Mathis has that quality. Leonard, on the other hand, is a pro-style quarterback who might be a more stationary target for pass rushers than either Mathis or Patterson. Might? More like is.

Patterson, in one of his three FBS starts for Virginia Tech, put up 47 points in a wire-to-wire spectacular performance against a North Carolina team that held an eight-win Temple team to just 13 points.

On the flip side, Drayton has said the strength of the Temple team so far is a defensive line led by a very good coach in Antoine Smith. Last year, Smith’s Colorado State defensive line finished in the top 10 in sacks and Smith says this Temple line is more talented.

If this version of the “Wild Boyz” can get after Leonard, put him on the ground, separate him from the football and cause a couple of picks, I cannot envision a scenario where Temple loses this game.

When Temple won at Vanderbilt, 37-7, to open the 2014 season, relentless pressure by a defensive line led by Averee Robinson caused the Vandy quarterback to hear footsteps the entire game.

That Temple team was coming off a two-win season. This one is coming off a three-win season but is invigorated by the new coaching staff. This 2022 Duke game has a 2014 kind of Vandy vibe. This game could be a 24-21 type deal but I think the defensive pressure the Owls put on Leonard enables them to win the game rather comfortably.

That takes care of the defensive piece.

Offensively, you’ve got to like the two players Temple has holding the reins better.

In horse racing, if two horses have relatively the same odds, the play is to go for the one with the better jockey. It doesn’t work all the time but it’s a safer play.

Temple has two better jockeys than the one Duke has and that’s a significant known.

We don’t know a lot about this game but we know enough. We’re guessing Drayton does, too.

Temple 27, Duke 17.

Confident, not cocky.

You read it here first.

Tomorrow: Game Analysis


13 thoughts on “Temple at Duke: Confident, not cocky

  1. Interested to see how they come out of the gates….the purpose. That other coach had no ability to light a fire.

  2. we are ready here in S NJ with chix wings, onion rings, beer n wine and a plate full of hopes for a good team again, don’t need to be great this year as respectable is a big leap over the past….
    Go Owls……

  3. So far looks like it will be long season, just hoping Drayton can have us moving in the right direction and look for a good 2023 recruiting class. Clearly Carey really put this program in a big hole it needs to dig out of

  4. This is looking really sad…

  5. Difference in team speed is showing.

  6. Granted O-line is getting manhandled but just don’t see a lot from Mathis at this point. Was the Memphis game last more the anomaly for him.

    • When you have one good game nearing double-digit starts it’s hard to define it with any other word. That was an unacceptable performance and there’s no way to sugarcoat it.

      • Question now is does Drayton make it open competition for the starting QB position the rest of the season between Mathis and Patterson? Certainly not the best situation but at this point I’d like to see what Patterson could do starting a game. Outside of Rutgers before he got hurt and the Memphis game Mathis reminds me at best right now of another Chester Stewart

      • Go to Patterson. Mathis has been dreadful (not just for Duke but 88 percent of last year). That’s just his play on the field. His body language on the field and the sidelines is even worse. Almost no caring about the success of the team. He represents the worst of the Rod Carey Era. It’s time to turn the page on a new era. Can’t bring Patterson in against Rutgers. Give him the warm up game against Lafayette and then the team rallies around him against Rutgers at Homecoming. Play Mathis against Lafayette and he’ll look good but then lay an egg against RU.

  7. Agree. Looking for Jalen Hurts, Kyler Murray elusiveness out of Mathis to happen. Would allow him some time for his receivers or to break some runs for first downs. Or designed plays for him to run. Pocket collapsing but they’re still calling passes from it. And he needs to practice the read/hand off.

  8. After week one, Rutgers game looks scary while USF game could be a winner.

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