Englert: The Andres Blanco of Temple


Richard M. Englert usually can be found in the middle of Temple crowds.

If the BOT moves at the same glacial pace to replace President Neil D. Theobald as it did when the subject of the stadium was given the “done deal” tag five years ago, Temple University should have a new President by, oh, say, July 20th, 2025.

So get to know Richard M. Englert, the Andres Blanco of Temple.

If the name sounds familiar, it should. Like Blanco with the Philadelphia Phillies,  when the lead guy goes down and Temple needs a capable fill-in guy, Englert seems to do the job. The last time Englert did the job—bridging the gap between Ann Weaver Hart and Theobald in 2012—the university was so impressed it gave Englert the title of Chancellor.


Dick Englert

That title is not dispensed casually as only Peter J. Liacouras and (surprise) David Adamany have been named Chancellors in the long history of Temple. A very good President, Marvin Wachman, wasn’t nor was any of his predecessors.

Englert is probably highly thought of because he has in the past implemented the outline the Board of Trustees gave him. From a sports standpoint, he is pro-stadium and pro-football and seems to have a good relationship with Matt Rhule. One thing he has in common with Theobald is that he does not seem to have the connections in City Council or the community to get the stadium project done. Maybe the next President will (hint, hint).

As far as minor sports, do not expect volleyball to be cut during his tenure. He is a bigger fan of Temple women’s volleyball than he is of any other Temple sport. Meanwhile, he has been here since 1976 so he should be a familiar face in the tailgating crowd. If not, get to know the face at the top of this post.

He should be here for awhile and, if he can hit like Blanco, they might decide to keep him right where he is.

Wednesday: Recharging The Batteries

9 thoughts on “Englert: The Andres Blanco of Temple

  1. maybe we should try the ACC? Theobald was from the Big 10, we lost $22M and our dreams on that deal..,

    let’s get someone with real ties to Temple and who is currently highly regarded within the ACC?

    • yes, if we’re not going to succeed with the stadium (and I think you are right that it’s swung 60/40 to no go), then we should get a guy connected with the ACC who can finagle Temple into a good spot.

      • i shake my head at Lurie.., he was five steps ahead of Temple.., he knows how Philly works., Temple has to pay what he demands, we don’t have good choices.., Brotherly Love shines bright

  2. poll questions, AAC Title and BCS Bowl are they synonymous? hard to imagine us not going to a BCS bowl if we win the AAC title game.., although some are picking Boise State to run the table

    • I would say there’s an 80 percent (or better chance of a BCS bowl) with an AAC title. You are right. Because Boise is looming out there as the other 20 percent possibility, I made that an additional question. To me, going to a bowl and losing is not an appealing option. I would accept Houston winning the AAC and Temple getting 11 wins IF one of those were over a P5 team in a relatively lucrative bowl. That would be finished business. Finishing second in the AAC and going back to Boca would be the ultimate “meh” reward. That’s going sideways. We must go forward this year.

  3. I like Dick Englert, he is a good man and a man of integrity and is loyal to a fault. The Board could do a lot worse than letting Dick take over at Temple.

    • I’ll take him over anyone not named Ed Rendell. If we don’t get a Philly-connected guy, we’re not getting the stadium done. There’s just too much opposition right now in City Council.

  4. http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2016/7/20/12235032/big-12-expansion-candidates-colorado-whaaat

    looks like the Big 12 could vote on expansion after the first 5 or 6 games of this season.., Cincy is a lock, Memphis has the Fedex push behind it, Colorado St is the sleeper., UCONN is out and Houston is out of luck trying to get a UTexas vote.., added motivation to beat Cincy and Memphis again

    the ACC will soon announce a new TV package with ESPN and Temple is not in the conversation..,

    fired president and provost, interim leadership, looming stalled stadium talks, AAC gets raided, FAU and Old Dominion back on the schedule as newest members of the AAC.., and in spite of it all Temple finishes at 11-4 capped by winning a bowl game with Phil Snow as the interim head coach

    this promises to be an exciting season filled with weekly bombshell announcement

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