TU football: New Year, New Hopes

If you would have told me on the first day of 2020 that there would be a pandemic and all of us would be wearing masks until well into 2021, I would have said, “Yeah, right, get the bleep outta here.”

After the happenings of the last 10 months or so, I’d believe anything going forward.



Nuclear war?


So, by contrast, what happened to Temple football over October and November is small potatoes. Who would have thought in 12 short months the Owls would go from a respectable 8-5 team that had their championship destiny pretty much in their own hands as late as the final road game of the year at Cincinnati (a 15-13 loss) to a team that was lucky to finish 1-6. How did Temple go from a team that beat Maryland, Memphis and Georgia Tech to a team that will likely be a double-digit underdog in the opener at Rutgers? (Mind you, the Maryland team Temple beat in 2019 destroyed Rutgers, 48-7, three weeks after the Temple game.)

On a believability scale, I’d rate it a little below pandemic, asteroid and nukes but not much.

New Year, New Hopes?

We only need to get 9 portal transfers in who feel like BJ does here.

I guess but that rash of signings of big-time Power 5 portal players between Dec. 14 and Jan. 1 that was needed has not materialized and who knows if it ever will? Right now, as we sit here in a New Year, I’m projecting two wins–Wagner and Akron–with the current talent on the roster. Give me high-profile P5 portal starters at defensive end (2), defensive tackle (2), linebackers (2), offensive tackle (1) and a big-time running back (1) and I might increase that to six wins.


It’s hard to remember the last time I’ve had lower expectations for a Temple football season. Maybe the last Bobby Wallace 0-11 one, but I still thought they would win two that year.

You can only control what you can control. It’s asking a lot of the current staff now to sign eight “sure” starters but that is the adult minimum offseason requirement before starting a late spring practice in April. It is the minimal talent level needed for Temple to have even a chance of winning. Simply, it’s what is required of a CEO who is making $2 million a year. It’s not much of a stretch to say that urgency is required of this particular task and, if nothing is accomplished in, say, four weeks, you can pretty much assume this staff is sitting on their collective asses and doing nothing of substance.

This post was supposed to be about the five plays that defined the season but, upon research, there were much more. The Navy opener was one of the most poorly coached Temple games I’ve ever seen, from a failure to stop a simple fullback dive (something Air Force and BYU had no trouble doing) to the only trick play of the season being a wide receiver pass to a tight end.


If that wide receiver had thrown that pass to another wide receiver (Jadan Blue, for instance) instead of a tight end, the Navy defensive back would not have been able to catch up to him like he did with the tight end. A really poorly designed play. That was the difference between a touchdown and a missed field goal and the Owls lost that game by two points. That game was so important because it could have jump-started the momentum process and led to a decent season. More importantly, the Owls had between Dec. 28, 2019 and October 10 of this year to get ready for a triple option team and showed no interest in doing so.

You can talk about COVID all you want but the Temple football hierarchy did a poor job game-planning and play-calling and that had nothing to do with COVID.

Since they can control that area, that must improve or their career demise will be a lot more predictable than any pandemic, asteroid or nuclear disaster.

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12 thoughts on “TU football: New Year, New Hopes

  1. Temple has turned into a JUCO program for the P5.
    Find the players, develop them, and then watch them move along .
    The culture needs to change if the program is to remain viable.

  2. So apparently just because they started paying out 2 mil per year it’s now set in stone. There’s no way, considering his resume and salary at NIU, that Carey should have been offered 2 mil to say say nothing of a guaranteed 5 year deal. But can’t find the funds to buy him out. Must be nice the trustees, president and AD can throw that kind of a deal around without blinking an eye. It’s enough to get a fan pissed off!
    Carey wasn’t the only recent HC who didn’t plan for Navy’s triple option because of hard headedness or just plain ineptitude and as you said Mike, to lose by only 2 lousy points. And that too is enough to get a fan pissed off!

  3. Hindsight is 2020. We needed a Connie Mack not a Carey MAC. Coach seems to be bringing in players with MAC potential. I like the Golden Rhule: hire hotshot P5 ACs who recruit P5 talent. We wave “good buy” to him after 2 or 3 years, but we get a good buyout to dry our tears.

    I’m hoping the portal produces some talented P5ers who want to start right away in a big time media market.

  4. Brandon Mack now gone as well. When do we start to worry if Temple will even have enough players left to field a team?

  5. Pipe dream of course, but would it take more than a se in’s thought to dump Carey for Tom Hermans?

    • Need a special person to coach Temple. Bill Bradshaw had a yellow legal pad of requirements when he hired Al Golden. Crossed every one off his list before hiring the guy. We don’t need no (sorry for the double negative) sons of Miami Mayors, we don’t need Midwestern carpetbaggers, we don’t need Southern snake oil salesmen. We need someone who understands Temple and what it takes to win here. I would work my way down this list like so: 1) Ask Al; 2) Ask Gabe; 3) Get a firey Temple grad in here who loves the school and is an accomplished head coach.

      • Re-hire AD Mark Ingram from UAB? He’s done great at UAB. He has an impressive resume. He’s worked magic in an urban environment like North Philly, and he has solid successful Temple roots.

        Let him pick the next generation of coaches.

      • He would probably bring Bill Clark here and I’m OK with that. Big plus is Mark knows Temple. Big minus is Bill doesn’t but he’s a far better head coach than Rod Carey is.

  6. Carey, like TUFB, is not going anywhere in 2021. Student body could care less, BOT is content, and offices of the Uni Pres and AD are out to lunch.

    AAC takes a clue from the Big East and disinvites TUFB in 2023. Exhale everyone…, not so far fetched. Temple is the least talented team in the conference in 2021, and the next 3-5 years after.

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